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You were truthfully just lying? If so please tell. I can't stand seeing her like this, crying, everytime after she chats with you she calls me. She says it feels like you are just lying to her. She thinks you dont like her, like you're just doing this because. I try to get her to tell you. She's afraid of making you depressed. She's too gentle for her own good. She says 'Thats what everyone tells him.....
I wonder if hes just forcing himself to like me.... just cause he thinks he should but he realy doesn't...........and cause he doesnt want you guys to hurt him' She's talking about you hating her. I said that you wont, but, when I think about it I find myself wondering the same things.. Do you really, truthfully like her? Do you trust her enough to tell her everything? She trusted you enough to tell about her aunt. I mean the WHOLE story. Do you trust her that much? Well, think about it. Do you? I wouldn't have cared if you just walked up to her in ther begining and said, "I'm sorry, but I dont like you any more." It would have been alot easier. But if that is the truth you hide it. You hide it behind things like:
"i really hope youre not pinning all your hope on seeing me"
"nope..................i realy wanna see my grandparents before they die and go to comic con and help out with the church................but thats prob not gonna ofense, not like seeing u isnt somthing i wanna do, but its not the only thing"
Now that is horrible. I cant believe you said that. I thought I understood what you were feeling when you said this. That was before she showed me the rest if the chat. You can't have said that the way i would've thought. I had thought you said it kindly, as if you were glad that she wasn't wasting her summer over thinking about you. But now, REALLY? I am an idiot to think that. She showed me other chats with you and I finally understood how she feels. Horrible. Unloved. And then with the "I'm a shallow bitch" thing. I bet that was just to see how you reacted. And then with me.
I know she was saying not to comfort her, but to comfort me. And you did, that means you can listen. But what should have happened is you spending more time trying to comfort her. Even when she wanted to be left alone. Thats what I did. And, it worked. She feels better and you now know how she feels.
I wish today had gone better, but life sucks, get on with it.
I wasn't sure which file to put it under.. Oh well..

This is really something true. If you want to know more about it either note me or ~Yuffielovesmateria and if she doesn't want to talk.. forget about it. Its actually personal. I am a part of it so I know. And I also know that if Shell doesnt want to talk, she won't so dont bother her about it!!
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June 27, 2009
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